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Finally, one should keep in mind the possibility of developing chronic pneumonia as a result of the harmful effects of occupational factors (anthracosis, silicosis, berylliosis). The clinical picture of chronic nonspecific pneumonia is extremely polymorphic and varies depending on the stage of the disease, the state of external respiration and circulation, and the presence of certain complications. It is sometimes very difficult to promptly recognize exacerbations of chronic inflammatory processes in the lungs, since they often occur without a pronounced temperature reaction and without accelerating ROE.

For the diagnosis of chronic nonspecific pneumonia, it is of great importanceThere is a carefully collected anamnesis and a properly conducted examination of the patient. Despite the very great importance of the x-ray method of examination, its overestimation (in the absence of changes) can lead to incorrect or delayed diagnosis of chronic pneumonia.

A significant role in the clinical manifestations of chronic nonspecific pneumonia is played by the resulting changes in the functional state of the external respiratory apparatus.

In patients with chronic nonspecific pneumonia, as a rule, there is a significant decrease in the vital capacity of the lungs, the limits and reserves of pulmonary ventilation, which occurs even in cases where the process is limited to one or several segments.

A more significant decrease in these indicators is observed in patients with chronic nonspecific pneumonia with diffuse pneumosclerosis (see), pulmonary emphysema (see) and especially with the development of pulmonary heart failure (see).

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